Access To Justice Initiative – National Launch

October 19, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Fordham Law School

The Access to Justice Initiative at Fordham Law will focus the collective public service energy of the School and its community to ensure greater access to justice in the spirit of the Law School’s motto “In the service of others.”

For over a century, we have dedicated our expertise, skills, and talents to serving others. Our students graduate to become lawyers who better the lives of clients and the functioning of institutions that shape and guide our society. Our classrooms, clinics, centers and institutes serve as engines of impact. Our faculty engages with the real world and focuses on critical legal issues. Our entire community makes a difference in the world every day.

The Initiative will formally commit our network to delivering on the promise of equal justice, which lies at the core of our concerns as a service-oriented institution and is the foundational bedrock of our constitutional society. It will connect many of the School’s already existing justice programs and projects to maximize and enhance its impact. The initiative will also help to underline the centrality of the pursuit of justice to all of the learning and work that define our great School with its great tradition of service.

For information on the Access to Justice Initiative National Launch event, click here.