Gloria J. Browne-Marshall’s “The Voting Rights War: The NAACP and the Ongoing Struggle for Justice”

"The Voting Rights War" tells the story of the courageous and bloody battle for voting rights fought by civil rights lawyers in the Supreme Court and by those foot soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our right to vote. "The Voting Rights War" is a journey from the grandfather clause to literacy tests and all-White primaries to felony disenfranchisement and photo identification laws. Writer Gloria J. Browne-Marshall has given legal commentary on CBS, CNN, NPR, WVON, MSNBC and C-Span. She reports on the U.S. Supreme Court in her award-winning syndicated newspaper column and hosts the weekly radio program "Law of the Land with Gloria J. Browne-Marshall." Gloria is an associate professor of constitutional law at John Jay College (CUNY) and a playwright. She covered the 2008 Presidential election, President Barack Obama's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway in 2009, and is covering the 2016 Presidential campaign.

"The Voting Rights War" received high praise from former presidents of both the American Bar Association and the National Bar Association. Gloria is a member of ASALH, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., PEN American Center and the National Press Club. She is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Click here and here to get more information about upcoming appearances. 

"The Voting Rights War"